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         Accommodation facility for all the Hon’ble members of Karnataka Legislative Council has been provided in the three buildings i.e., Legislators Home-I. Legislators Home II, Legislators Home-IV & V buildings are under the control of Karnataka Legislative Council Secretariat.  All these three separate buildings are located towards North-West direction of Vidhana Soudha within ½ k.m distance. There is a vast park in front of it, Raja Bhavan is at its left side, Jawaharlal Nehru Planetorium is located behind and Basaveshwar (Chalukya) circle is at its right side.        
       The offices of Hon’ble Ministers and offices of officers and staff of various departments of Secretariat are located nearby the Legislators Home so as to facilitate the Hon’ble members who reside at the Legislators Home, to meet the Hon’ble Chief Minister and cabinet ministers and to follow up the progress of developmental works related to their constituencies. For example, Vidhana Soudha, Vikasa Soudha, Multi-Storeyed buildings, Udyoga Soudha, Vishveshwaraiah Tower, Podium Block, another State government office like BBMP Commissioner Office, C.O.D Office, Office of Bengaluru Police Commissioner, Director General of Police (D.G.P), Mysuru Sales International Limited and Office of Accountant General of Central Government, General Post Office (GPO), Coffee Board, BSNL and other Offices are functioning.
         Kempegowda Bus Stand (KSRTC/BMTC) and City Railway Station are located at a distance about 3.2 k.m from the Legislators Home, Cantonment Railway Station is at a distance 3.1 k.m, Shivaji Nagar Bus Stand is about 2.5. K.m away and it takes 10 minutes of time to commute International Airport is 36 k.m away from Legislators Home and it takes 50 minutes to 1 hour time to travel from the Legislators Home.
Vehicle Facility:  For the use of Hon’ble members and Ex-Members of Legislative Council, total 38 vehicle facility including cars, Swift D-zire, Innova, Etios, mini buses has been provided in Legislators Home on rent basis including waiting charges. The sister committees who wish to visit places of Karnataka other than Bengaluru can avail the cars facility on the basis of payment. 
Housing Committee Hall and Conference Hall: There is a housing committee hall in Legislators Home-I Building & V Building for conducting meeting of housing committee and there is a conference hall with the approximate seating capacity of 150 people in Legislators Home –II. It will also provide for conducting of meetings of House Committee, Councils of Legislatures Committees and also other councils. Wi-Fi facility has been provided in the Housing Committee Hall and Conference Hall to facilitate the Hon’ble members.
Government Dispensary: Since May 1981, Dispensary of Legislators Home (Allopathic) is functioning 24 hours a day for the service of Hon’ble Members of both houses of Legislature, ex-Members and Ex-Members of parliament and state council. In the said dispensary, an administrative medical officer/senior specialist doctor, 3 members of medical officers, staff nurse, Lab technician, pharmacist are working along with other staff in general, first, second and night shift.
In this dispensary, first aid treatment is being given to the Hon’ble members, general health check-up will be conducted and various medicines available from the government are providing.  There is a facility for diagnosis of diabetes, blood pressure and ECG tests along with these facilities, preventive medicines are also providing as a precautionary to some diseases.
Besides, service of Specialist Administrative Officer has also been provided to put the counter signature after verifying the medical bills produced by the Hon’ble Members of both the Houses of Legislature and Ex-Members who had gone under treatment in private hospitals.
In case of emergency treatment, the Hon’ble Members can get suitable treatment by contact the doctor through direct contact No:22359553 who is serving at the government dispensary of Legislators home.
Hon’ble Members can get further treatment at Bowring and Lady Curzon Government Hospital, Victoria Government Hospital, Mallya Hospital, Saint Martha’s Hospital, Fortis Hospital, Vikram Hospital, Mahaveer Jain Hospital, and Mallige Hospital which locate within the distance of 3 kms from the Legislators Home.
Government Homeopathy Dispensary: It is functioning at ground floor of the Legislators Home-II to serve the Hon’ble Members of the both the Houses of the Legislature and Ex-Members. Specialist doctors will serve from 9:00 AM to 4:30 PM excluding government holidays, they will give medicines after health check-up of Honb’le members of the both the Houses of Legislature and Ex-members. Along with this, preventive medicines are also providing as preventive to some diseases.
In case of emergency treatment, Hon’ble Members can get suitable treatment by contacting to the doctor working in government homeopathy dispensary of Legislators Home through direct contact No: 22359528 or over his mobile no.
 Health Club: A well equipped Health Club was started on 27-03-1997 in the ground floor of Legislators Home in the interest of protecting physical and mental health of Hon’ble members of both houses of the Legislature and Ex-Members. Apart from that, there is a facility of Body massage, Sona bath, Steam bath and Jaccuji for the Members of the both Houses of the Legislature and Ex-Members.
There are threadmills, cycles, 12 models of multi-station gym, dumbles of various weight and various high-tech equipments are there in the health club for reducing body weight.  Two assistant coaches and 8 massagers are working for the service of Hon’ble members under the supervision of trained senior supervisors.
The said health club is functioning from 8 AM to 12.00 noon and 2.00 PM to 8 PM. The direct telephone number of the health club is 22359351.
Panchakarma therapy: Panchakarma therapy wing has been arranged in the ground floor of the Legislators Home for the Hon’ble members and ex-members of the both the houses (separately for male and female members).  Expert doctors and staff are working from 9 AM to 4 PM in Panchakarma section.  In connection with panchakarma therapy, Abhyanga, Bhashsweda, Nadisweda, Shirodana, Shirabasti, Pindasweda, Kayasekha, shirolepa and pichu, katebasti, greeva basti, janubasti, Matrabasti, nasya, Vamana, Virechana and jalavkaracharana etc therapy facilities are provided to the Hon’ble members and ex-members of both the Houses, expert doctors will decide the necessary treatment in this regard.
        In the pachakarma section, proper treatment is being given to bone and joint pain, diabetes, blood pressure, obesity, insomnia, skin disorder, ophthalmolgical diseases, nervous disorders, neck pain, waist pain, back pain and so on and spinal cord related diseases and blood loss disorder.
Arrangement has been made that the Hon’ble members could call the telephone number 22359595 and get the appointment for the Pachakarma therapy at the wing of the Legislators Home.
Reading Room:- A Reading room has been set up in the 2nd floor of the Legislators Home -2 for the use of Hon’ble Members of both the Houses of Legislature and ex-members and guests, general public who come to visit Hon’ble members.  Kannada, English, Urdu, Tamil and Telugu daily newspapers, kannada and English weekly, Fortnight  newspapers and monthly magazines are available for reading in this reading room.  The Wi-Fi facilty is provided in this reading room for the benefit of Hon’ble members.
Catering Facility:- A hotel, vegetarian canteen, rotti khanavali hotel and also a keelara café are there in the Legislators Home where various types of breakfast/food items and sweets are available to facilitate the Hon’ble members of both the houses of Legislature, ex-members and guests/public who visit Legislators Home to meet Hon’ble members.
Service Facilities:-  There is a K.S.R.T.C. counter for advance booking of tickets of various K.S.R.T.C. buses in computerized system, a South Western Railway Counter is there for advance booking of various train tickets of Indian Railways through computerized system, a post office is there for Indian Postal service, and A.T.M. facility of Karnataka State Co-Operative Apex Bank and State Bank of MYSORE(INDIA) for banking transactions of Hon’ble Members of both the houses of Legislature, ex-members and guests/public who come to meet Hon’ble members.
Other Service Facilities:- There is facility of Hopcoms fruit shop, Nandini Milk Dairy of the Karnataka State Milk Federation, Khadi Bhandar, media centre, book depot, stationary shop, ayurvedic medical stores, laundry, salon, Xerox/courier/fax, ticker booking centre of private buses, several mobile currency recharge facilities for the use of Hon’ble members  of both the houses of legislature, ex-members and guests/public those who visit Hon’ble members of the both houses.
Sub-Police Station In Legislators Home:- In Vidana Soudha sub police station is set up in the premises of Legislators Home in order to ensure the safety of the Hon’ble members who are staying in the Legislators Home and in view of security of Legislators Home.  C.C. camera has been installed for monitoring the movements in the Legislators Home in the view of safety of Hon’ble members and Legislators Home
Rock Garden:- One rock garden was developed in front of Legislators Home-1, the Hon’ble members can walk in the said garden and meditation mantap has been constructed for Meditation.
Shuttle Court:- A shuttle court has been built for the benefit of the Hon’ble members in Legislators Home-4.