(with effect from 17.11.2004)


 2.  (a) The general control of the Library shall be vested with the Speaker, Legislature Assembly and the Chairman, Legislative Council who shall be advised by the Library Committee as constituted under the Rules of Procedure and Conduct of Business of the Karnataka Legislative Assembly and Council, Respectively;

(b) Library is under the control of the Secretary, Legislative Assembly Secretariat and is under the immediate charge of Assistant/Chief Librarian, Library;

 3.  (a) Library is intended for the exclusive use of the Members / former Members of Legislature / Officers and Staff of the Legislative Assembly Secretariat and the Legislative Council Secretariat.

(b) Assistant/Chief Librarian may also permit the following persons to become members of Legislature Library on payment of deposit amount prescribed below

(a)Former Members of Legislature100
(b)Retired Officers and Officials of
LA/LC Secretariats
(c)Senior Officers of Governor's Secretariat200
(d)Newspaper Editors/Chief Reporters with
atleast Senior Reporters (five years
(5) experience in reporting the
proceedings of LA and LC)
(e)Bonafide Research Scholars, students studying M.Phil,
Ph.d. subject to production of authenticated letters from the
Registrar / Head of Dept. of the Universities concerned.
(f)President / Secretary of Press Academy200
(g)President / Secretary of Press Club200
(h)President / Secretary, Karnataka Reporters

The deposite amount is not refundable, The members cannot borrow worth beyond deposit amount.


 4.  (a) The Library shall remain open on all working days during office hours

(b) On days on which the Assembly or the Council is in Session, the Library will be opened one hour before the commencement of the sitting if it is earlier than 09.00 A.M. and closes one hour after the adjournment of the sitting, if it is after 08.00 P.M.
(c) Legislators Home Library shall remain open on all working days from 8.30 a.m. to 8.30 P.M.

 5.  On days on which the Library is open, the staff shall assist the Members in securing any information available therein.


 6.  A Members may borrow any two books other than a reference book for a period not exceeding two weeks from the date of issue. If a member wishes to retain a book for more than two weeks. he may have the book re-issued or renewed in his name at the expiry of two weeks.

Provided that :

(a) no other member has applied for the same book:

(b) no member shall, at any time, have more than two books in his possession:

(c) any book may be recalled, at any time, by the Secretary, Legislative Assembly Secretariat at 24 hour notice;

(d) no member except Presiding Officers / Deputy Presiding Officers shall borrow any book of reference from the Library for any reason whatsover;

Staff of Personal Establishment :

(a) If reference books, rare books, encyclopedias, year books etc., are required for the Presiding Officers/Dputy Presiding Officers, the Private Secretaries are personally held responsible for the return of the said books to the Library;

(b) Personal staff of Parlimentary functionaries working on contract basis are not entitled to borrow books from the Library;

Library Pass Book :

(c) Pass Books shall be maintained at the Library in respect of Legislature Members, Present and Retired Officers & Officials for issue and receipt of books, For this purpose two Pass Books are issued to each Members. One is issued to the Members. Green colour Pass Books are issued to MLAs, maroon colour Pass Books for MLCs & blue colour Pass Books for others.

 7.  Member shall be responsible for the good condition of the books from the time they are issued and until they are returned to the Library. Any book lost or damaged will have to be replaced or four times the cost thereof shall be paid for by the member;

Imposition of fine :

 8.  If a book is not returned to the Library within the stipulated period, a fine of 50 paise per book per day to a maximum amount equal to the price of the bookshall be charged.

 9.  If any book or any volume of a set is damaged or lost. the member concerned shall be liable to replace the whole set. In case the member concerned fails to replace the damaged or lost book, four times the cost thereof shall be paid by the member who borrows the book.

Reference Books :

10.  Encyclopedia, year books, folders, atlas, journals, directories, books on arts, paintings, rare books, costly books, books marked 'R' (reference), books in bad condition shall not be issued. Books, Publications, folders shall be made available for consultation and reference in the Library. Council Secretariat shall carry the folders, atlas etc., for their official use and return the same immediately.

11.  When the books are issued, the member shall sign in the relevant column of the pass book in token of having received the books. Necessary entries will be made in the pass book by the staff of Librry at the counter.

Damaged Books :

12.  Books which are worn out and damaged may be written-off from the stock register after obtaing approval by the Secretary as per the provisions of Karnataka Finance Code.

Stock Verification :

13.  Stock verification of books shall be done once in a year.

Loss of Books :

14.  It is the duty of the Assistant/Chief Librarian and the staff to ensure that no books are lost from the Library. However, after the stock verification every year, if books are found missing without having been issued, a report may be made to the Secretary. The Secretary may order recovery of cost of books from the staff of the Library if it is found that the loss is due to Library if it is found that the loss is due to negligence of the staff. If it is satisfied otherwise, he may write off the value of the lost books.

Inter Library Loan :

15.  The Assistant/Chief Librarian may enter into agreement with other Government and Semi Government libraries of repute for inter-library loan facilities.

16.  Member and others visiting the library shall be bound by these rules.

General discipline to be maintained in the library premises

  1. All Persons who enter the Library should enter their name and designation legibly in the book which is kept for the purpose at the entrance.
  2. No stranger shall be admitted to the Library.
  3. Users of Library shall observe strict silence in the Library. If any visitor is found to be causing disturbance by talking/speaking loudly or chatting. the Librarian is at liberty to advise such persons to keep silence or the officee incharge of Library may remove or cause to be removed such person/persons from the library.
  4. Hand bags, brief case, boxes, carry bags etc., shall be left at the entrance and a token will be issued.
  5. Spitting and smoking are strictly prohibited in the Library premises
  6. Regulation of entry to the Legislature Library premises shall be subject to such orders and instructions as may be laid down from time to time.
  7. No new book or other publication shall be issued to members till after a week of their having been displayed in a seperate shelf marked "Latest Arrivals". Each new addition shall bear the date upto which it would remain on display.
  8. Marking of any kind, underlining and writing on books or other publications is strictly forbidden.
  9. Suggestions for the purchase of new books, periodicals and newspapers shall be made in writing in seperate registers maintained for the purpose in Reading Room (first floor) and Library (ground floor).
  10. For refferring books in Library the permission letter should be taken from Library Section and produced the same when asked by the Officers.
  11. The Permission letter neither can be transferred nor used by any other persons for reference purpose.
  12. The persons who are permitted to refer books should compulsorily mention the arrival and departure time and should sign in the Visitors book kept in the Section.
  13. They are not allowed to bring bag, umbrella or any other things inside the room.
  14. Only one proceeding/Report or any other book for reference should be taken at a time and should be kept in the same place after reference work is completed.
  15. Proceedings/Reports or any other books for any reason should not be taken outside the section.
  16. The pages of the Reports/Proceedings or any other books should not be marked, folded or tear the pages.
  17. Any Extract required from the Proceedings/Reports by the Hon'ble Members or others can obtain on payment basis.

By order of the Speaker and
the Chairman

S Murthy
Karnataka Legislative Assembly Secretariat