Issue of Books

       A Members may borrow any two books other than a reference book for a period not exceeding two weeks from the date of issue. If a member wishes to retain a book for more than two weeks. he may have the book re-issued or renewed in his name at the expiry of two weeks.

Provided that :

(a) no other member has applied for the same book:

(b) no member shall, at any time, have more than two books in his possession:

(c) any book may be recalled, at any time, by the Secretary, Legislative Assembly Secretariat at 24 hour notice;

(d) no member except Presiding Officers / Deputy Presiding Officers shall borrow any book of reference from the Library for any reason whatsover;

Staff of Personal Establishment :

(a) If reference books, rare books, encyclopedias, year books etc., are required for the Presiding Officers/Dputy Presiding Officers, the Private Secretaries are personally held responsible for the return of the said books to the Library;

(b) Personal staff of Parlimentary functionaries working on contract basis are not entitled to borrow books from the Library;

Library Pass Book :

(c) Pass Books shall be maintained at the Library in respect of Legislature Members, Present and Retired Officers & Officials for issue and receipt of books, For this purpose two Pass Books are issued to each Members. One is issued to the Members. Green colour Pass Books are issued to MLAs, maroon colour Pass Books for MLCs & blue colour Pass Books for others.