371. (1) A Library Committee may be constituted by the Speaker to consider and advice upon matters connected with the Library of the Assembly and Council.

(2) The Committee shall consist of the Speaker of Assembly and the Chairman of the Council and eight members, five from the Legislative Assembly nominated by the Speaker, and three from the Council nominated by the Chairman. Provided that a Minister shall not be elected as a member of the Committee and that if a member, after his election to the Committee is appointed as Minister shall cease to be a member of the Committee from the date of such appointment.

Term of the Committee:

(3) The Committee shall hold office for a term not exceeding one year..

Library Committee - Members

1 Pratapchandra Shetty Hon'ble Chairman of Karnataka Legilative Council & Committee Chairman
2Ramesh Kumar K RHon'ble Speaker of Karnataka Legislative Assembly & Committee Member
3SiddaramayyaMember of Legislative Assembly & Committee
4Ramalinga ReddyMember of Legislative Assembly & Committee
5Krishnappa M (Bengaluru South)Member of Legislative Assembly & Committee
6Uday B GarudacharMember of Legislative Assembly & Committee
7Shrikantegouda K TMember of Legilative Council & Committee Member
8 Mohan Kumar Kondajji Member of Legilative Council & Committee Member
9 Prakash K Rathod Member of Legilative Council & Committee Member