Library Collections

Today, the Karnataka Legislature Library is housed in a magnificent functional building which includes separate wings for stack rooms, reading halls, periodical sections, reference section, research cubicles, Browsing centre and administrative divisions. As on The collection of books has now crossed about One Lakh and continues to grow, The Library acquired every year about 1,500 books. 1000 Reports and Debates. It subscribes 105 periodicals and also receives about 74 periodicals of general nature and research nature on complimentary basis.

1 Total Collection of Library Books till date51,968
Total Collection of Complementary Books C-9,535
2 Mysore Representative Assembly/Council
& KLA/KLC from 1881 to 2016
3 Total Collection of Lok Sabha debates from 1955
to 2014
4Total collection of Rajya Sabha debates from 1953
to 2021
5Total daily News papers Copies
(12 Papers provided to R&R)
Total Weekly Magazines
(Reference to Preservations)
Total Monthly Magazines18
Fortnightly Magazines05
6Total number of Central gazettes from 1935
to 2015 which comprises ordinary & extraordinary
7 Total number of State gazettes from 1952 to 201910,390
8Total No. of House of Commons Debates550 Vol
9Total No. of House of Lords of Debates350 Vol
10Legislature Members Who's Who, Budget, Review, Governer Speech, Members Address and Handbook of Members200
11Legislature Committee Reports and Census Reports8,000
12Total No. of Books(E-Library, LH Library, Reading Room)1,18,043