Sri Ramachandra Gowda

Graduates Constituency

(Bharathiya Janatha Party)



Father’s Name

Sri J.Venkatappa

Date of Birth

13th December, 1938

Place of Birth

Thippoor, Kunigal Taluk

Marital Status


Spouse’s Name

Smt. Yashodha


1-     Son

1- Daughter

Educational Qualification, B.E.,F.I.E


Engineer & Agriculturist

Permanent Address





Telephone No’s

No.9, “Isiri”, 21st  Cross,

9th Main, 3rd Block , 4th Phase,

Basaveshwara Nagar,

Bangalore- 560 079.



       23349939 (off)

       94480 77544(Mbl)

Positions Held :









1970, 1983

Minister for Planning, Small  Saving

and Science  and Technology


Minister, Legislative Council


Minister, Legislative Council for

 earlier 3 terms



Member, Bangalore Mahanagara


General  Secretary , Karnataka State

Bharatiya Janatha Party.

Member, C.I.T.B., Bangalore


Swimming, Drama, Teaching








Received 05 awards in various  fields

Of film land and an award for  the

Production of  an experimental film

Filmi Spandana



Best Legislator Award

Other  interesting details





Organising  Member of the  Baharatiya Janatha Party.



Participated  in the  Goa, Liberation

Movement  as a  student  of  high

School  organizing  the  movement

 Bangalore  with the  slogan “Nehruji

Ab kyakarePolice  lekar Goa  chalo”.



Actively participated in the

Organization  work  in the  organisation

Erstwhile “Bharatiya  Jana Sangha”.


Elected  to Bangalore  mahanagar

Palike  as a Member  from Bharatiya

Jama Sangha in 1970.


Then Governor  Sri V.V. Giri  had

expressed  commendation for the

development  of the pipeline extension

 of Bangalore  in a better  manner. He

was  felicitated  by other  political

parties  when  he was  Corporator.


He was  elected  as member  of

C.I.T.B of Bangalore  after  gaining

 Success in the  development  of

Bangalore  City. Enabled planned

construction  of extensions around

Banglore in a short  period of time

and became worthy  of excellence of

Sanctioning sites  to many  eligible

Applicants.  During the  emergency

conducted underground  activities.

Elected  as a member  of the  Advisory

Committee  of Minto  Hospital; Being

aware  of the problems of  the  poor

people , opened  a spectacles centre on

“No Loss No Profit” basis in the

premises of the Minto Eye Hospital

with the  Collaboration  of the  Red

Cross Society.


Prepared  a blue  print  about  levying

House   Tax schematically in the

Bangalore  and staged  dharna for 9

Continuous  days  for  its

implementation and succeeded.

Gave  active support  to the

Government  regarding  the State policy

at the  time of Cauvery River Water



Is the first person to study the

injustice  caused  to the state  in the

agreement entered into  with  a multi

national company called  Cogentrix

and persuaded the  Government  for its



As one  of the  members  in the Panel of

Chairmen, presided the chair in the  absence of Chairman  and Deputy

Chairman and conducted  Business of

Legislative  Council and created a

new  record  for the  first  time in the

History  of 88 years  of the Legislative

Council for the  better  conduct  of

Business receiving  appreciation from

Members of all  the parties  and the