Sri Mukyamanthri Chamdru

Legislative Assembly Constituency

( Bharatiya Janatha Party )


Father’s Name

Sri N Narasimhaiah

Date of Birth

28th August

Marital Status


Spouse’s Name

Smt Padma

Educational Qualification



Artist, Film Star, Drama Artist,

T.V. Star, Agriculturist


2 Sons

Permanent  Address




Telephone No’s

No 93, 3rd Main Road , 9th Cross

J.P.Nagar, 4th Phase, Dollars

Colony , Bangalore – 560 078


26494888 26494999

 Present Address




Telephone Number

 Room No .442

Legislators Home

Bangalore- 560 001



Present Address





Rom No 442

Legislator’s Home

Bangalore – 560 001



Position Held












1995-96 &1999








Member, Legislative Council



Member, Legislative Council


Administrative  Experience in Bangalore



Member, Legislative Assembly


Vice President B.J.P


Member, Backward Class & Minority

Development  Committee.


Privilege Committee


Women’s & Child Welfare  Committee


Representative at World  peace

 Conference held  in Paris


Participated Vishwa Kannada

Sammelana held in Manchestar




Sports , Tour , Reading Interested in

Story & Kavana Writing  Yoga &


Social and  other Activities

 Organization  and Protest under

Sankalpa Yatra " programme  for

eradication of corruption  found in all

walks  of life,protection of Human  Rights , creation of awareness ending

the mal administration  in our system

and communication all these   things

to the  common man in the village  and

creating awareness in him  besides

fundamental rights and duties and

enabling them to join  the mainstream,

assumed  the responsibility  of

collecting  kargil – fund for helping  the army  during the Kargil  - war  and

collected  fund  from  political  and

cinema fields and presented it.


1 For protesting  during  the emergency

period  by  performing street  plays

and  striving  for the  cause  of



2. For protesting the rule by the

single  descent and despotism.


3.For participating  in the struggle for

peoples cause for demanding the

reduction of  electricity- charges,

Bus and  Railway  fares and fertilizers

rates and fighting against  the

excessive  collection  of  donations

by the  private  educational



The  obsession  for drama and

Participation started  right  from  the

School days  at the  age 12 years

 Actively participated  in Kannada

 Armature theatre  right  from 1970


Engaged  in dramatics as  Actor

Director technician, organizer and

Expert  mime artist


Working  experience  with  famous

Drama  directors Sri B.V, Karanatha

Dr H.N. Ranganath, Prof.

B.Chandrasekhar , Sri Green  Room

Nani, Smt  Prema  Karantha , Sri

Prasanna , Sri R Nagesh, Sri T.N

Seetaram , Smt B.Jayashree , Sri V

Ramamurthy , Sri T.N.Narashimhan,

 Sri B.V RajaramSmt  R.T .Rama, Sri

C. Krishan Swamy and the like.



Direction of Dramas

Experience  of having  direction  more

than  15 dramas.

Important  Dramas

1.Mukhyamanthri (Political Drama)

2.Achalayathra (Educational Values


3. Modagalu (Greek Drama)

4. Mooki Taaki (Mime Show)

5. Ellaru Maduvudu (Political Drama)

6.Garvagudi  (A  drama on super


7.Bharathappana Sontakke Gante

(Folk drama)

8. kelu Janamejay (A drama on

social  awareness)

9. Kambli Seve (Comedy)

10.Home Rule (Social drama) etc.





Acted  in more  than 3000 shows of

About 100 dramas in number of cities

Districts and chief  towns in India . I

Have given  several  shows  in abroad



Mastery in mime  art as  first  Mime

Artist in South India  and presenting


1.Learnt  acquired  training  presented

  shows  at the  Mime  Institute of Calcutta    

   under  Sri Jogesh Dutt.

2.Acquired training  under  adam

   Abraham of America .

3.Learnt  acquired training  presented

    shows  under  Sri V Ramamurthy

     a famous director in Karnataka.

4. Participated in  Stage  workshop

      and Mime  works and acquired

      knowledge and  training. Given

      Mime  show performances in major

      Cities all over India 

Mime Shows in

Foreign Countries

 Presented shows  in London, Paris ,

Rome Switzerland Amsterdam

Belgium, Singapore , Hongkong and

Malaysia during  1987 to 1989.

Awards  Felicitations

 Received Best Direction award  in the

State drama competition for the

Direction  of the drama “Achalayathra

Received  State awards and Felicitation

From hundreds of organizations,

Troupes for best  acting  direction and

Mimicry .

Organizing and work  experience in

Extension – theatre , weekend  theatre,

Stage  craft, stage  training  and theatre

Movement .


Important dramas played

  1. Main role or Mukhyamanthri in

The  drama  Mukhyamanthri  after

This  successful playacting

Popularly  known  as

Mukhyamanthri  Chandru (300


  1. Maxim Gorkis drama  Thayi :direction Prasanna
  2. Kattal Dari Doora byDr D.R. Nagaraj – directionT.N.Narasimhan (based on ward No. 6)


4.Bharathappana Sontakke Gante

    Folk drama  by Muthighatta


5.Ghasheeram  Kothawal by

    Vijaya Tendulkar – direction –


6 Albert Kamu’s drama Kaligula

    direction Prof Chandrashekar

7. Golio drama direction Prasana

8. Nammolagobba  Najukaiah

    written and directed by T.N


9.”Asphota and Tabvarana Kathe

    direction R Nagesh

10.Full time Mime show  direction


11. One  man  mime shows – more

     than 500 shows


Film Land

Played  variety of specific roles – role

Played in more  than  350 films


Important  Films





5.Beegara Pandya

6. Goimal Radhakrishna

7. Ganeshana  Madhuve

8. Janumada Jodi

9. Suryavamsha

10. Shbdavedi etc

 hundred of films


Television world

Acted  in hundreds of T.V Serials and

acted  in famous daily serials in recent




Always  ready to serve  the community

With the  experience  and knowledge

 Gained from the political  the  Cinema

And the  T.V. Fields