Right to Information Act (Karnataka legislative Council Secretariat)

Disclosure of Information of Reporting & Editing Branch, KLCS as on Date 03-01-2019 under RTI Act 2005.

Kannada Version & English Version.

Disclosure of List of Files of Executive Section, KLCS as on Date 29-Nov-2018 under 4(1)(a) of RTI Act 2005.
List Of Files In Council Secretariat
Powers,Privileges and Imminities Of Houses Their Committees and Members
State Information officer from Karnataka Legislative Council
Internal Working Rules of Different Committees In Karnataka Legislative Council
Annexure-I (Delegation of Administrative Powers )
Annexure-II (Delegation of financial Powers)
Annexure-III (Delegation of Powers Respect to House/Committee Matters)
Annexure-IV (Legislative Council Dairy)
Annexure-V (Legislative Council Secretariate Cadere and Recruitment Rules)
Annexure-VI (Telephone Numbers)
Annexure-VII Seniorty List of Legislative council Sectt (Monthly Renumaration of Officers and Employes as on(31/05/2015))
Annexure-VIII (Expenditure incured Statement)
Annexure-IX (Legislative Council Members Guide)